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Pasaulē ir vairāk nekā 100 pilsētas ar vienādu nosaukumu Jaunpils? Vairāk

Enteraiment and leisure facilities

The society “7 Balles” runs two workshops for both children and adults. Each vistor will be an opportunity to learn: to saw off and paint self- created puzzle theme, create your own unique wooden car and mastering the wood painting, pour out his special candle and create wind mill, reflective objects, etc. When all workshops will be done, every visitor have opportunity to shoot with bow and enjoy the walk in the labyrinth. Visit sign up in advance by calling.

Address: "Graudiņi", Strutele, Jaunpils pagasts, Jaunpils novads, Tālr.: 29211988, e-pasts: biedriba@7balles.lv mājaslapa: www.7balles.lv
Lauku mājas “Rogas”
Farmhouse "Rogas" is a biological farm. The farm engaded with dairy livestock production and preparing cottage cheese, butter, cheese and products from colostrum.

Household Special offer-“Pienu ēdu, pienu dzēru, pienā muti nomazgāju” (Milk ate, drank milk, milk mouth washed) waiting for any visitor! Hostess offers visitors a tour around the farm. During the visit to the country house "Rogas" it is possible to get acquainted with butter churning, cheese making, cheese cooking ancient recipes. It is a pleasant activity for both children and adults, because in the end there is also a tasting. Before the visit to both families and groups must sign up, so the hostess can prepare all necessary materials. All products is also possible to buy.

Visit sign up in advance by calling.
Contact: Veronika Smirnova + 371 29199848, "Rogas", Jaunpils pagasts, Jaunpils novads
Lauku sēta “Avotiņi”
If you wish to enjoy a fishing adventure, then Jaunpils one of the finest place where to do it will be camping site “Avotiņi”, whic offer fishing opportunities.

Address: "Avotiņi", Struteles muiža, Jaunpils pagasts, Jaunpils novads, Tālr.: (+371) 26356947, e-pasts: g.nordens@inbox.lv
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