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Enteraiment and leisure facilities

Jaunpils House of Crafts
Available excursion program, where every visitor will be introduced to weaving, the Latvian history, types of looms and fabric making process. In addition to the excursion, there are also various master classes for children and adults. A special experience is a wedding excursion in a truly Latvian spirit, during which you will see a traditional dowry of a bride, spin threads of love and receive a gift for a harmonious life together before departing on your way.

Opening hours: from Wednesday to Saturday 10:00 to 17:00, Sundays 10:00 -16: 00th
Excursions preferably in advance by t. + 371 28301408 or +37126101458.
Address: "Ērģelnieki", Jaunpils, Jaunpils pag., Jaunpils, LV-3145;
Tel .: 28301408; e-mail: velga_pavlovska@inbox.lv
Viduslaiku sēta “Niedru lija”
Jaunpils medieval farmstead is located in the Jaunpils center, next to Jaunpils medieval castle and church. Available for visitos from May to September on weekends or after priore notice. Medieval farmstead for visitors offer many medieval activities –shooting with bows and crossbow, spear and axe throwing, minting coins. Here anyone can try on a knight’s armour, pick up a sword and take a photo sporting a war hatchet and a helmet.

Niedru lija Medieval Farmstead offers thematic programmes: Knight School for tourist groups, Knight’s Wedding for newlyweds, Medieval Sports Games for companies and other offers available off-site too.

Working hours: on request.

Address: Niedru Lijas viduslaiku sēta "Zviedru mūris", Jaunpils, Jaunpils, LV-3145
Tel .: +371 26336513, e-mail: info@viduslaikos.lv, Website: www.viduslaikos.lv
Tour desk in Jaunpils Castle
Medieval activities and atmospheric lovers Jaunpils castle will be the most appropriate place to visit. The medieval castle offers a varied excursion and a variety of entertainment activities range, which will will be able interest any age visitor. Vistorscan choose : Informative excursion or one of the thematic excursions - Little monks, Christmas journey with Castle dwarves, An invitation from the Keeper of the Keys, A Medieval Monk’s Stories, or Night excursion to the castle cellars . Together with excursions visiors also can choose medieval entertainment - absolution, forging a lucky coin, medieval costume rental, cannon firing , edieval meals and for children Jaunpils castle offers medieval games for children.

Tours and medieval entertainment above apply by calling or writing to the e-mail.
Opening hours: Tue - Sun. 10:00 to 17:00.
Address: Pils, Jaunpils, Jaunpils, LV-3145 Tel .: +371 6310 7082,
mob .: +371 2610 1458, e-mail: info@jaunpilspils.lv, Website: www.jaunpilspils.lv
Leisure and entertainment square
Under the oaks of Līvmaņa Park in the centre of Jaunpils, a leisure and entertainment square for people of all ages has been built. The little ones can play in the playground, while others can work out and test their abilities on the outdoor gym equipment. Several ball swings hang from the largest nearby oak trees.
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