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"Jaunpils Regional development center "Rats"(Wheel)

Lifelong learning centre „Rats” „Jaunkalni”, Jaunpils, Jaunpils pagasts, Jaunpils novads, LV-3145 Coordinator of Lifelong learning: Renāte Zīverte; renate.ziverte@jaunpils.lv; 26563460
What is lifelong learning?
                     It is a learning process through out human life, based on changing needs to acquire knowledge, skills and experience to enhance or alter the person’s qualification according to the needs of labor market, his or her needs and interests. It covers formal, informal education and everyday interaction skills, knowledge, attitudes and behavior.
In order to guarantee a successful life-long learning, it must be:
            In Jaunpils Municipality lifelong learning services to the public are organized by the association "Jaunpils Regional development center "Rats"(Wheel). The Association successfully operates its eighth season. During this time, “Rats” has successfully developed, by expanding facilities and acquiring new equipment, attracting new listeners, activists, as well as developing volunteer movement in Jaunpils.
            The educational activities of "Rats" are in 2 areas: professional development and in the development of hobbies. The main difference between the two strands is as follows – finishing the professional courses the listener receives a certificate from Tukums TIC or other appropriate agency on the acquisition of further education, but by participating in the hobbies development courses and workshops, the audience fully spends free time and gains new knowledge. They receive a diploma, but not certificates.      
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Jaunpils novads

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