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Welcome to Jaunpils County!

Welcome to Jaunpils County
Jaunpils County is a place, where your trip starts in Kurzeme. It is the place, where the medieval and modern epoch comes together under the wing of the great castle. It is the place that does not stop to surprise its visitors, the place proudly called as their home by the inhabitants of Jaunpils.
Story of Jaunpils County
Jaunpils County is a place, where one can fall in love with the silence and peace of fields, get to know the traditions and customs of the inhabitants of Jaunpils. Discover the treasures of unknown testimonies of the past, enjoy the medieval atmosphere on the excursions in the Jaunpils Castle, discover the diversity of the cultural heritage in the weaver workshop “Dzipars” and master the weaving skills, and give way to the creative flight of imagination in the society “7 balles”. Enjoy the originality of the medieval festivals, touch the Swedish Wall built in 1618, and try the tasty medieval dishes, great cheese produced by Jaunpils Dairy-Plant, delicious smoked products made by the farm “Araji”. Learn, how the real wooden eco buildings are made, refresh your mind and body, steaming and flapping yourself with birch-twigs in the bathhouse “Bramani”, go for an evening walk around the lake of Dzirnavu, watching the grace of swans in Jaunpils… and you can enjoy romantic quiet of the night in more than 700 years old castle… Discover that Jaunpils has a very special story of its own… the story of feelings, which remains in your long term memory once experienced… calling to come back any time when you feel like want to have a rest, escape the hustle of a city, get inspiration, every time you want to be in harmony with yourself, nature and people around.
Jaunpils in Seasons
In spring the scent of soil just turned into braids of the plough land in “Jozi” and other farms vibrate in the air richly. The sprouting, full of strength and life rape and corn sprouts force their way through ploughed fields spitefully.

In summer the crop stems swinging in gold and at their best, reach towards the sky, as if asking for blessing to the land and its people. Bees hum in floral meadows, taking care of the sweet gains of the local beekeepers. The honey of Jaunpils has some special healing power.

The herds of Latvian brown and black and white cows are standing stately on the deeply green pastures. Jaunpils has always been known as the birth place of agricultural know-how. The research station of cattle-breeding “Jaunpils” was one of the first of its kind in Latvia, and it still operates successfully, in the 20th century, there was Livestock Breeding School (1927-1940) in the castle.

In autumn Jaunpils and Viesatas are covered with the masterpiece created by the Mother Nature – a carpet of golden leaves, creating an especially nostalgic feeling in the soul of a man. Latvian autumn can be experienced at full in the nature paths of Kartavkalni and on the Hill of Hell.

And the white marvel of the winter fairy-tale comes here together with first snow, when the water-gate of the Viesatu Hydroelectric Power Plant turns into an ancient castle of ice and the snow covered trees create an art gallery, where looking at the world becomes full of cheerful wonders.

In the course of flows of Bikstrupes and Rusu Brooks, the local people do their daily pace unhurriedly. The river Viesatu glitter in the sun as a mirror, making bends and alluring boaters. Large pikes live in the depth of the river. Fishermen are also awaited by the Bautelis, Gludainis and the pond of Dzirnavu. The unusual silence of the nature is often interrupted by a gunshot, announcing a festival and that there is one more newly married couple in the world.

The diligence of local population is seen at each point – every yard is taken care of by hand. People are the treasure of the county. People, who cultivate their soil with love, work hard on daily basis, and know, how to forget about their work at the time of holidays. People, who are able to work to make sure Jaunpils County continues to develop. People, who are aware of the story of Jaunpils, and happy for every visitor.

There is well expressed agricultural production in the territory of the county. The largest agricultural companies of the county are LIS “Jaunpils”, JSC, Kurzemes CMAS, Jozi, LLC, Ives Grupa, LLC, Zentenes lauksaimnieks, LLC, and the numerous farms. Main areas of specialization are crop (wheat, barley, rape) growing, and diary and cattle-breeding. Some farms are engaged in the field of non-traditional agriculture – biological agriculture, rural tourism, fish farming, and apiculture.
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Jaunpils novads

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